De-Winterization Details


Sometimes, a winterization must be reversed, usually as standard practice, however also to carry out sales evaluations or house repair services. As such, the electricity and water services are turned on (a generator may be used) to aid in flushing the plumbing lines of anti-freeze. While in addition ensuring the climate systems and fixtures are all functional. Of course once the cold weather returns, the property will be re-winterized in preparation for the freezing months.


It's important to verify that utilities are on before performing the de-winterization by checking the electricity and the furnace.


We connect an air compressor to the plumbing system (preferably at the washer valves) and pressurize the system to 35 PSI for at least 20 minutes in order to validate the integrity of the system.


Mainly just verify that heat is on and the home is heated to at least 55 degrees.