Pool Maintenance and Securing Details


Unmaintained pools not only turn off buyers, they are dangerous and raise serious liability concerns. If a fence is missing or broken, the contractor will report the condition immediately and Double S will seek instructions from the client on how to proceed. Generally, for above-ground pools bids will be submitted to drain and remove the pool. For in-ground pools, we will bid to place a secure covering over the pool. At the request of clients, we will clean and maintain pools that are considered to be a selling feature for the home. Well maintained pools can add value to a property. Double S offers services for the initial clean-up that includes power washing the pool and refilling it with fresh water. We also work with local pool companies to keep pools clean and chemically balanced on a regular basis to appeal to prospective homebuyers.

If a pool has a fence, the gate is padlocked to assure that only those with a proper key can gain access.



Generally we try and install a trampoline style cover. If this is not possible we proceed with a wood and wire rack covering.



Take the cover off of the pool and clean, remove any debris in the pool, shock and clean the pool and replace the cover.



Some of the properties serviced include pools and hot tubs. These items require several types of service to maintain their current value and prevent danger to the community. Services include: securing, draining, cleaning, shocking, winterizing and boarding.