Re-Winterization Details


The winterization season typically runs from the beginning of October through May 1st depending on which state the property is located. It is essential our professionals are adhering to the correct re-winterization routine schedules. In addition, strict guidelines are set in place to ensure a property does not endure any freeze damages.

Dry Systems

The hot water heater and all domestic supply and distribution piping must be thoroughly drained. All faucets and valves must be opened in the process and then closed after draining is completed. Adequate amounts of antifreeze are to be placed in all fixture traps, including toilet tanks and bowls.

Wet Systems

Requirements outlined for dry heat systems apply. In addition, the house boiler system must be thoroughly drained. All radiator vents are to be opened in the process; bleeder pins must not be removed from the radiators.

Radiant Heat Systems

requirements outlined for dry heat systems apply. In addition, winterization must include a thorough draining of the heater. Radiant heat piping must be drained and blown dry by compressed air pressure, and an adequate amount of antifreeze is to be put in the radiant piping. Key advantages include: even distribution of heat, energy efficiency, and enhanced air quality.