Trash Out Details


We require all homes be safeguarded throughout our services beginning with the securing during the initial services. If the home is found to have damaged / broken windows or doors the home will be properly boarded and reglazing completed to secure the property. Along with protecting the property, having a secure asset allows the appraisers and brokers to perform their job in an efficient and worry free manor.

An essential step in the Initial Services process...
  • all interior debris removed from the property including cabinets, cupboards, closets, drawers, appliances, crawlspace, attic, and garage
  • building materials present stacked neatly in the garage, outbuilding or basement
  • all exterior debris removed from the property including around outbuildings, storage areas, fence lines, and rafters
  • property freed of hazardous materials such as paint, tires, and chemicals
  • all abandoned vehicles removed
Interior Debris

Includes any debris in the main building as well as secure outbuildings.

Exterior Debris

Mainly all items in the yard, on a non-enclosed porch or deck outside the main building or in an unsecure outbuilding.