Winterization Details


When the plumbing system is winterized its main purpose is to drain all the water from the system including the hot water heater.

General procedures required for a proper winterization:
  • ensure the water is shut off at the curb (if possible) and inside of the home.
  • all toilets are cleaned and drained to a minimum amount of water.
  • the water valve handle been zip-tied in the "OFF" position
  • wrap toilets with clear plastic
  • all faucets, water fixtures and water lines been opened and blown free of water
  • all misc. lines been drained and blown (if applicable)? (Including ice maker, dishwasher, etc.
  • non-toxic pink propylene glycol been poured down all drains, fixtures, toilet bowls/tanks, and in washing machines (if present)
  • the water heater been drained
  • the hot water breaker been taped in the "OFF" position
  • appropriate winterization stickers been placed on all winterization affected areas? (fixtures, breaker, etc.)